TD Files

If there are any files or forms that you would find useful, please let the ICCA know, and we'll do what we can to get them posted.

Coach/TD Erik Czerwin has a stockpile of check-in forms, notation forms, tournament signs, etc. He is also willing to help any TD at any point. Please feel free to call if you need help in the middle of a tournament.

For information about how to set various chess clocks, visit the ICCA Chess Clocks page...

To download, just click the file title

WinTD Filetypes...

.PRF files are Preference Settings

.PPL files are "Master List" files

.PTL files are "Team List" files, used to populate the name of Teams in Results windows

  • Player List = Individual Player data

  • Teams File = Team .ptl file

  • Teams List = Teams as players .ppl data

WinTD Walk-Through (PDF)

ICCA Tournament - WinTD Instructions.pdf

Tournament Signs

Tournament Signs.pdf

Blank Match Score Sheet

Match Score Sheet_Complete.pdf

Notation Sheets

Notation Sheet - Half Page.pdf

Understanding Swiss Pairings

Understanding Swiss System.pdf

Understanding Tie-Breaks

Understanding Tie-breaks.pdf