Tournament Director Files & Support

Notes to TDs...

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WinTD Filetypes...

.PRF files are Preference Settings

.PPLz files are "Master List" files

.PTLz files are "Team List" files, used to populate the name of Teams in Results windows

The "Blank Tournament Template" can be used to build a new tournament file and is preloaded with the settings needed to run the types of events our coaches typically run.  If you need any support, please contact

Tournament Signs

Tournament Signs_ICCA.pdf

Board 1 Signs

Board 1 Here.pdf

WinTD - Team Results template

Team Report Sheet Template vICCA.pdf

Blank Match Score Sheet

Match Score Sheet_Complete.pdf

Full-Page Notation Sheets

Notation Sheet - Full Page.pdf

Half-Page Notation Sheets

Notation Sheet - Half Page_ICCA.pdf

ICCA Steward Training Handout

Steward Training Session - Handout.pdf

Understanding Swiss Pairings

Understanding Swiss System.pdf

Understanding Tie-Breaks

Understanding Tie-breaks.pdf

Tournament Registration/Check-in

Team Tournament Check-In.pdf

TD To-Do Checklist

TD ToDo_OTB_2.pdf

WinTD 4.22 - Walk-Through (PDF)

ICCA Tournament - WinTD Instructions.pdf